Seller’s Checklist

Marine Surveying Services

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Seller’s Checklist: 

Pre-Purchase Surveys, Appraisals for selling, or for Insurance purposes

  1. Organize the service records to provide to the potential buyer.
  2. Provide owner-operator manuals for the boat, engines, and accessories.
  3. Make copies of the Registration and USCG document to provide to a surveyor
  4. Batteries have a full charge. 
  5. Clean the boat of all personal gear. 
  6. Clean the bilges and make sure the bilge pumps are working. 
  7. Make sure the high water bilge alarm is working. 
  8. Make sure the deck lights and NAV lights are working. 
  9. Check the anchor and anchor rode to make sure it’s properly connected and easily deployable.
  10. Clean the anchor locker.
  11. Clean the bait wells and fish boxes. 
  12. Check the expiration dates on USCG required safety gear/fire extinguishes & flares.
  13. Make an inventory list of all accessories included with the boat or not included such as lines, fenders, life jackets.
  14. Make sure the Hull Identification # is readable; If not, make a new ID tag to USCG guidelines.
  15. Inspect the steering sys operation And make sure the hydraulic fluid is full.
  16. Check the trim tab operation. 
  17. Make sure the access to the fuel tank inspection port is clean and the fuel tank ground wire connection is clean.
  18. No fuel leaks or fuel odor. 
  19. Clean the motor mounts of excessive corrosion 
  20. Make sure the engine hoses, V belts, and hose clamps are in good condition.
  21. Make sure the through-hull seacock valves are operational On/Off.
  22. Make sure the holding tank is clean and there are no powerful odors within the boat. 
  23. Make sure the deck hatches open/close, have good latches, hinges, and gasket seals.
  24. Make sure the swim/boarding ladder is safe and well secure to the vessel.
  25. Make sure there is no evidence of rodents or insects.

Marine Surveying Services

Don’t miss out on a quick sale or not get your asking price by overlooking something on this seller’s checklist! TB Marine Services can help make sure you know what that asking price should be while ensuring that you and your buyer both have a happy transaction. Learn more about our marine surveying services and request a free quote!



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