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Vessel Delivery by TB Marine

TB Marine Services has extensive vessel delivery experience both in  Commercial Work, Boat transportation, and Yacht deliveries. Captain Tim works directly with commercial marine towing services.

Towing vessels and cargo barges throughout the Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico & Caribbean. Captain Tim has extensive sea time with a variety of large vessel delivery with many trips through the Panama Canal.

Captain Tim really earned his 1600 GRT Masters License working his way up from Deck Hand to Master operating tugs upon all waters throughout the US, Central America, Canada, and the Caribbean.  

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TB Marine Services Vessel Delivery

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Purchase Survey

The purchase survey is the most extensive of all inspections. It includes a comprehensive examination of the entire vessel and all of her mechanical and electrical systems. Hauling out is required in order to preform a detailed wet surface inspection where the underwater gear and hull integrity is checked. A sea trial is also required to determine the performance, handling, sea keeping and reliability of the vessel. The vessel will be put through a systematic set of trials in which careful observation of the machinery and systems will be preformed in order to provide you with a professional opinion of the vessel in action. All examination are preformed in a non-destructive manor. A background history of the vessel, as well as the certificates and serial numbers of critical parts and accessories will be provided. An official marine survey report based on the American Boat and Yacht Council, National Fire Protection Association and US Coast Guard Standards will be provided detailing market value, recommendations, replacement costs, and comments on overall conditions of the vessel. This process can take anywhere from a few hours for smaller vessels to several days for larger boats and yachts depending on the availability of haul out services. In cases where a haul-out or dry docking is not an option, a dive inspection of the wet surface areas can be preformed.

Insurance Survey

In most cases before insurance can be secured for your new vessel the insurance provider will require proof of an insurance survey. This verifies for the insurance provider that the safety mechanisms and critical operational features of the vessel are up to standards and determines the overall seaworthiness of the vessel. These include a check of the hull, safety systems, and background check of the vessel to determined if prior damages has been incurred. This survey is sometimes referred to a “condition and value” survey. Based on the assessed condition of the vessel this survey may include recommendations on the insurability of the vessel.

Appraisal Survey

The appraisal surveys is used for financing, estate and divorce settlement, and donation of vessels to charities. Professional marine servers are recognized by the IRS, courts, banks and insurance companies as boat and yacht appraisers within their area of expertise. The focus too this survey is to determine fair market value based on the vessels systems and overall condition.

Safety and Compliance Surveys

Registering you new vessel? Code requirement can be a daunting process for a new boat owner. TB marine services will complete a Compliance Checklist verifying your boat meets safety requirements, and that machinery installation and pollution prevention systems all meet code. In addition to code requirements a comprehensive safety inspection can be preformed to insure that all of the equipment, installations, and procedures on board are compliant with code. This comprehensive safety survey can also be used as great marketing tool for commercial dive, fishing, and charter boats. Stand out amount your competitors and show your customers that your vessels is safe and that their well-being is top priority.